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This collection of VINTAGE JAPANESE TEXTILES are old shop stock .I am not an expert but I would think it has not seen the light of day for over 50 years .

There is a slubby apperance and feel to these wonderfull JAPANESE TEXTILES
They has never been washed , you can see by the photos that many pieces have dust / fold and string marks where the fabric was tied up into lots of 10 .

Each piece is in the shape of a large pillow case or storage bag , sewn down three sides with one end open ,see photos .

The size of each pillow case/bag is approx 50 inches long x approx 30 inches wide

Some pieces have Japanese character stamp on them, i do not know what it means , see photos .

Please use the ZOOM app on the photos of this listing to see any faults , I have tried to give an accurate description of these vintage items but this is a old / vintage item so it will not be perfect


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