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  • Beautiful natural vine ring, made from my own vines with dried roses, marjoram, lavender, poppy heads, old man's beard, tamarix foliage and bracken.  Harvested from my own plants with bracken and old man's beards collected from the local hedgerows. The ribbon is naturally died cotton and has the faintest tinge of pink to it. The only materials used in making this product are vines, plants and some twine so the wreath is totally, biodegradable, compostable, eco friendly and involved no air miles. The added advantage is that these last forever, although the colours will fade if exposed to bright light and if you tire of the floral display just cut it off and attach a new one to the ring. A wreath for all seasons, win, win!  The Vine ring is approximately 29cm in diameter with the flowers it is 39cm.

Vine Ring with dried roses

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