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Proberly the first time a glimpse of stocking was used to sell vegetables 

With the expanding Railway system linking the Vegetable and Fruit grower with the growing population of the big cities .
The Fruit and Vegetable growers started shipping their produce by train to the wholesale markets .
They needed a way to make their boxes of produce stand out and also be recognised by returning customers , hence the crate labels . .


In the 1940/50s when printing was advanced enough to be able to print directly on to a packing crate or box, printed labels were obsolete and discarded . Luckily for lovers of vintage advertising and ephemera some label were put aside , just incase they might be needed .
80 years later they were right


Luckily for lovers of vintage advertising and 1940s Americana ,

the crate labels were set aside and forgotten about.

Never to see the light of day for nearly 70 years.


The  is 24 cm high x 17cm wide , mounted on a  11inch x 14in  artist quality mount board


NOTE ! you are buying a label mounted on a 11in x 14in artists mounting board packed inside a poly bag .Their is also the option to have the mounted label framed in our stock  box frame or standard black or white frame for a total of £38.50 + UK P&P 


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