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This Box came from a closed down  Japanese wharehouse full of old stock . You can tell by the fine layers of dust on most of the item we brought  .

This Box with its five division , held ten LACQUER WARE RICE BOWLS AND COVERS  two in each division wraped in old hand writen receipts, possiblely from JAPAN'S MEIJI PERIOD .

Allmost  SHAKER in design with dovetail joints and  small wooden pegs instead of metal nails . 

A total utilitaterian design with it end use in mind . 

To keep costs down no locks or hinges were fitted .

In the base are four slots , two either side , so you can pass a  ribbon though and fasteren the top down .


260mm tall x 245mm wide x 200 deep





PICK UP from the shop is great , but please phone or email first

We ship all over the world,please ask for an up to date cost to ship to your country .


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