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In rural France you use to see these type of GALVANIZED CONTAINERS in every Farm or smallholding .
They had many uses from WINE and CHEESE making to feeding livestock .
Alas that was in the olden days .
Now they have a new used as GARDEN PLANTERS , they are getting hard to find .
Its not just the British buying them for their garden or placing them either side of the Front door with olive trees in, you often see them in a Paris court yard gardens

This GALVANIZED CONTAINER has a small split in the rim, please look at photo number 3

The split does not stop this container from makeing a great OLIVE TREE or FIG TREE planter

43 cm high
46 cm wide
53 cm wide including the handles


UK DELIVERY £12 or pick up from our 500 year old TUDOR MERCHANTS HOUSE

Phone or email first for an appointment as we are not always open


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