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This early dri-scraped EAST ANGLICAN FOLK ART CHILDREN'S OAK STOOL made 1800 to 1850 , has been DRI_SCRAPED back to its first coat of green paint , pick and scraping away it 20th century and later white paint .

This amazing survivor of an earlier age comes from a time when Children were SEEN AND NOT HEARD and in most EAST ANGLICAN rural household were used as a free or cheap source of Farm labour . These were the lucky ones ,if you lived in the large manufacturing Citys , you had to work in the Factory and Mills from a very early age to help your family to survive.

Family's living in an EAST ANGLIAN rural cottage at around this time had very little personal possessions , very likely this small stool would have been the only way a Child could sit in front of the fire.

As I sit in front of the fire in our EAST ANGLIAN RURAL 1830s COTTAGE picking off the modern paint from this stool .
The irony had not missed me .


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