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This is a very unusual item, a REAL BAT (Eonycteris Spelaea ) mounted in a shadow box frame with a black mount board having a bevel cut aperture showing a white core

NOTE ! this shadow box does not have glass fitted, it would spoil the 3D view of this interesting item of taxidermy

The outside dimensions of the shadow box is 235mm x 285mm with a depth of approx 50mm
The mount is 165mm x 215mm (10x8)

The photos in this listing are a guide to show my work.
As no two bats are the same in nature, therefor the shadow box taxidermy bat you will receive will not be the same as in the photo but very similar.

We are pleased to ship our framed Insects and Bats all over the World as well as the UK
But It Is at the risk of the buyer .
+ I am proud of my packing ability and take great care
But I can not Guarantee or be held responsible for an item damaged by the postal service having been shipped 100 s of miles by plane/boat and road.

NOTE ! I do not accept reasonability for damage caused by POSTAL SHOCK



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